More About Me

The absolute best part of my job is to use my strategy and negotiation skills to help my clients achieve their Real Estate goals- from their first home to their third investment property, it always feels great knowing they got the best deal because of my efforts. I hope you will allow me to do the same for you.

Along with my strengths in strategy and negotiations, I am passionate about design and have the ability to see the hidden potential in a property. I can help you purchase Real Estate for your dream home, an investment property or to turn a well-lived in house into a polished, saleable gem.

When you hire me, you work with me (and my 20+ years of experience), I don’t foist my clients off onto a less experienced team member.

I think being a “many neighborhood expert” is more suited to our times. People tend to buy based on a number of criteria including price point, quality of life needs and geographic considerations. I have personally bought and sold eight homes and lived in six different neighborhoods throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.. This experience allows me to help my clients identify the right neighborhood to meet their goals. And unlike a 'neighborhood specialist', I keep up with the sales trends in our region along with the individual neighborhoods.