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Blog Archives: January 2015 — December 2015

Putting Together Your Toolkit

July 15, 2015
You are about to move into your very own, grown up home...aka, "something that will often need a few tweaks," so it's best to be prepared. Rather like approaching marriage with a constructive attitude and a good set of relationship skills. And while a handyman's (ahem, handyperson's) number is "handy," there will be times when you want to (or have to) handle a few things yourself. That's where you need a solid tool kit (& mini tool stashes). One that can actually get you hanging pictures, removing weird screws, getting the nasty ...

10 Steps to Safety for New Homeowners

July 02, 2015
Safety First… You are on the home stretch; Your home is purchased, you’ve had minor or major repairs done (or being done) and you are almost ready to move in. This is the time to take the time to do the non-sexy stuff that makes sense. And of course you are tired of spending money, but the safety of your family is important! So let’s get the following done: Double check with your property inspector to make sure you have not missed any key safety issues that should be repaired before moving in. And I would suggest a phone call. If you ...

FAQs from new home buyers re: furniture

June 01, 2015
I’ve been getting lots of questions from my new home owners about furniture buying. So here we go… 1) Buy good quality dressers and bedroom end tables. Real wood is optimal. A dresser can be a keep-forever piece, gets used daily (at least), and is very visible. It also gets relatively little beating (compared to a couch or chairs).  So it makes good financial sense to buy a nice dresser that you will be happy looking at (and find useful) for the next 20 years or so. For babies or small children, a nice quality white one it can always be ...

Are we buying at the top of the market?

April 29, 2015
It's impossible to know for sure...BUT it takes a lot for our property values to drop significantly (when do you anticipate our next recession to be?) and even after they drop, they continue back up surpassing where we were. So aside from a major recession, if Silicon Valley stopped being the hub for well-paid (very) employees, that would impact housing prices. Do you anticipate your salary dropping and staying down? Even the 1989 earthquake didn't slow it down for long. And by most metrics, that was pretty huge. Our housing is fairly ...

36 disclosure packet requests, 12 outstanding offers, and one fairy tale ending…and an award

April 22, 2015
Check out the shiny blue graphic. I’ve been awarded as a RealScout Elite Agent! You’re not looking wildly excited, and I don’t blame you. What really made my week was a wonderful email from a recent client. I’ve posted the full text on my testimonials page, but (in between blushes) there are a couple of things that I’m reflecting on with gratitude. “As with all things in life, nothing goes exactly as planned. For us, we had to deal with an unforeseen HOA issue right in the middle of the selling process… What started out very well could have ...

Why is this property so cheap?

March 11, 2015
I get this question a lot with my newer buyers. In this market, with prices increasing seemingly hourly, they will email me a property that looks to be priced well below what the appropriate list price would be. And they want to know why it’s listed so low. There can be many reasons for this: There could be something significantly wrong with the property that isn’t visible from the pictures - it could overlook a cemetery (“Hello Santa Clara!”), be located so close to the freeway you can check traffic from your kitchen, ...

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