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36 disclosure packet requests, 12 outstanding offers, and one fairy tale ending…and an award

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Check out the shiny blue graphic. I’ve been awarded as a RealScout Elite Agent! You’re not looking wildly excited, and I don’t blame you. What really made my week was a wonderful email from a recent client. I’ve posted the full text on my testimonials page, but (in between blushes) there are a couple of things that I’m reflecting on with gratitude.

“As with all things in life, nothing goes exactly as planned. For us, we had to deal with an unforeseen HOA issue right in the middle of the selling process… What started out very well could have ended just as poorly, but it didn't. Michele had our confidence throughout the selling process and navigated through a nightmarish scenario magnificently. In the end our lovely home had 36 disclosure packet requests, 12 outstanding offers, and one fairy tale ending.”

“…one fairy tale ending” – that’s what really motivates me. It’s not awards, no matter how pretty. It’s not nifty technical tools like RealScout. It’s really getting to know my clients and finding the best possible solution for their situation, no matter how challenging. It’s getting to be a part of that fairy tale ending.

In all fairness to the lovely graphic I dismissed earlier, I’ve got a keen appreciation for the leading-edge technology that helps me spend my time the way I want to – with my clients, not wrangling with horrible user interfaces or worrying if my search tool is working properly. RealScout looked at searching from the customer’s perspective, and improved the search experience in the same way the iPod was a step up from the portable disc players. (Yes, I remember those).

For me, Realscout also offers easy understanding of what my clients are looking for without spamming them. I won’t go into gory technical details here, but it’s exactly what I want from technology: the elegant politeness to work effectively without being intrusive.

The point being, I’m grateful for having the right tools that enable me to do my best work. Helping people. Dealing with the unexpected in the middle of complex transactions, which is honestly something I’ve learned to expect! Real estate transactions are often huge life milestones, and I’m honored to be a part of it.