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10 Steps to Safety for New Homeowners

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Safety First… You are on the home stretch; Your home is purchased, you’ve had minor or major repairs done (or being done) and you are almost ready to move in. This is the time to take the time to do the non-sexy stuff that makes sense. And of course you are tired of spending money, but the safety of your family is important! So let’s get the following done:

  1. Double check with your property inspector to make sure you have not missed any key safety issues that should be repaired before moving in. And I would suggest a phone call. If you email you may get a whole bunch of lawsuit protecting comments.
  2. Are you done with contractors coming in and out of your house via combo box? Good, now have all the locks rekeyed and the garage door opener reprogramed. Rekeying leaves the current locks in place, but changes what shape of key will open the locks. Even if there weren’t any contractors, goodness knows who was given keys by the previous owner(s) for pet sitting, mail checking, etc…
  3. Change every single battery of every single smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.
  4. Put a good quality flashlight in the kitchen, in each of your cars, and in a drawer or the coat closet by your front door.
  5. Schedule your phone to alert you every 6 months to change the batteries on items 3 & 4.
  6. If you want to put in a safe, install it after you have any other work done on the home. And (right) after the movers deliver your stuff…There is no reason to advertise the location of your safe to a bunch of people you don’t know.
  7. Take the time to show every single person that could be alone in the house where the water and gas shut off valves are. And test the water valve to see if it is working. The water valve can be stuck, which can be a HUGE problem if you have a pipe dumping water into your house. Get it fixed before you need it.
  8. While I am on the subject of rekeying, I really love the newish coded front door locks. You can use temporary combos for housekeepers & contractors and you never have to fish for keys.
  9. Go hide a spare key on your property. Not right next to the front door! But at some point you will be really grateful you did.
  10. Put motion sensor lights up near each entrance or side of your home. I really love these particular ones because they are solar run, use batteries as backup (so you don’t need to wire them), you can mount them on a wall or over a door or set them on a walkway and they come in various colors. I even have them as path lighting.

Be prepared