The absolute best part of my job is to use my strategy and negotiation skills to help my clients achieve their Real Estate goals- from their first home to their third investment property, it always feels great knowing they got the best deal because of my efforts. I hope you will allow me to do the same for you.

Along with my strengths in strategy and negotiations, I am passionate about design and have the ability to see the hidden potential in a property. I can help you purchase Real Estate for your dream home, an investment property or to turn a well-lived in house into a polished, saleable gem.

When you hire me, you work with me (and my 20+ years of experience), I don’t foist my clients off onto a less experienced team member.

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“Michele is amazing. She listened to my desires and was able to find me exactly what I was looking for. But that is not all. She did not drop me like a rock. When the Federal Government thought it was time to raise the stamp rate by 2 cents - she sent me 2 cent stamps. She sends interesting news monthly. Tax tips … I feel like I gained not only a Real Estate Agent but also a friend.”



“Michele deals with problems very quickly and efficiently, she knows the real estate market really well, and is extremely fast paced in everything she does. From the day we first saw our house until the day we moved in, was only one month. Michele is also very friendly, and very willing to help.”


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